Here are just a few of the many programs and activities that  your Parent-Teacher Organization brings to Percy Julian Middle School through fundraising and volunteer hours: 

  • PTO Lunch
  • Jayhawk Support
  • Classroom equipment and activities (3-D Printers, science equipment, special class projects)

  • Stipends for each academic team

  • Support of the Julian Media Center (library books and multimedia supplies)

  • Honor Roll Celebrations and 8th Grade Party

  • Speech & Drama Festival Support

  • Choir Competition Support

  • Athletics (equipment, uniforms, and transportation for our teams)

  • Academics (support for academic competitions, for the Oak Park Education Foundation (e.g., VEX Robotics), for the Julian Math Team, as well as many other programs that benefit Julian scholars)

  • Academic Field Trip subsidies for students who require financial assistance

  • Teacher Recognition/Support (staff appreciation breakfast, conference dinners)

  • Gym Equipment

Please consider joining the PTO to help keep these programs active and continue to give our Julian Community a great family and educational experience! 

Julian Before and After School Activity Schedule 

Find information about Julian extracurricular activities here

Please remember that this information is subject to change, so if you have questions about clubs, sports and other activities, reach out to the activity sponsor.


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