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PTO lunch is on hold until further notice.  : (

PTO lunch was a highly popular activity that provided an exciting change of pace for students and a highly successful fundraising venue for the PTO. What was it? On alternating weeks, students had the option to purchase lunch from Dominos or Firehouse subs. We're keeping this page alive as a testament to the tradition that we can't wait to bring back. Once it is safe to do so, the PTO will needparent/guardian volunteers to lead the effort to bring back PTO lunch. 


Click HERE to order PTO Friday lunch.

Every Friday (and one Thursday) over the school year, a swarm of dedicated PTO volunteers run a lunch fundraiser for our students. We use these funds to support field trips, clubs, CAST, your teachers discretionary funds and many other ways integral to the school. And hey! They get lunch on Fridays and we take that worry off of YOU! This year we are continuing our partnership with Firehouse Subs and Domino's Pizza who have both proven to be amazing to service partners for our school community! We serve opposite weeks, calendar is published on a form in the forms file here and will be on the PTO web page as well. Click on the link above to sign up! Pizza is $80 for the year and Firehouse is $110 served alternating weeks. If you want lunch EVERY Friday, you have to sign up for both options.

We also need volunteers so there's a space for that too! Its a really great way to be in the school and see your kids interact and meet your teachers and administration on a regular basis. Volunteers are assigned to a team that serves at MOST once a month. We also need substitutes from time to time.

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PTO Friday Lunch Dates (note the one Thursday highlighted in yellow): 

Julian PTO 2019-2020 lunch